'76 toyota landcruiser


after filling the tank, About 20 minutes later the cab started smelling of diesel. I had been driving it previous to the fill for about a half hour with no smell. It is diesel

and has pretty heavy exhaust. Anything I can do to stop this?


111, you have no idea how much I’m with you…
My wife - never mind that. Recently I’ve learned, from the good folks at Cartalk Community, that introduction of diesel into gasoline engined car is a messy affair. On the bright side, the most you can do is damage to the fuel system, not the internal workings of the engine. First thing is to flush out the tank. With good gasoline supply and someone to help you crank the motor on your command, you can also try using the vehicles fuel pump to circulate and purge the remaining diesel fuel from the system. Removing all the spark plugs will help to air out the cylinders, and, if you can, remove the carb from the manifold - you might need to separately clean out the carb anyway. And be sue to remove the distributor cap before turning the engine over, it’s no fun getting zapped. I think the consensus is that there is good 50/50 chance that this will restore your car; however, take in some spirited beverage before trying the last culminating step to starting the engine as, if it fails to rev and idle smoothly, a pricey mechanic’s service might be necessary.


Thanks for the response. However you may have misunderstood. I filled it with diesel as it should have been. I had no problems with power or anything like that, just the influx of diesel exhaust I presume into to the cab. i was wondering if there was a way to stop the smell of exhaust or whatever it is I am experiencing. THNKS.


Well, I’ll be a Huckleberry… A diesel Landcruiser? Not too many of them around. If the smell is too much, and you’re in the market for a newer car, I’ll buy yours as is.


if the last bid falls through

I would pay good money for that buggy.


Doc Holiday is that you? It’s a good ride, just happens to be my first one as well as first diesel. The smell seems to be going down abit as I drive it more. Still has heavy exhaust though, maybe a good tune and engine and exhaust cleaning will do some good. Any info on the 4 wheel option? It shows a diagram saying 4x2 is up an d4x4 high is down with 4x4 low to the right. Can’t get it to 4x2 with the stick in the upward slot. Is it possible that 4x2 is on until the wheel locks are in place, and at that time does 4x4 high kick in? Anyway, new to me vehicle in awesome condition, just trying to and work out the bugs. I am in Costa Rica so if the option to buy is still there I am always up for a good deal.


What’s good money, because this old rig wasn’t cheap!


Hey, this is Doc again, 111
Where in CR? My wife and I take our two boys to the beaches there once or twice a year. I was last there during Easter. She and I both wondered about all the fine examples of Landcruisers there. She’s a cool lady - she likes internal combustion engined vehicles!


Check first for exhaust leaks. It is important to find any and fix them. Exhaust does not create a healthy atmosphere. Next is to look for fuel leaks. check all the rubber lines, especially at the connections to hard lines. Also, check the hard lines. I had a rock puncture my fuel return line in my old Toyota P/U. Had to replace the line to fix it. If your smelling it inside the truck, most likely the leak, be it exhaust or fuel, is under the hood, and probably near the firewall.


Guanacaste. will be here for a year or two or three.


There is a leak under the carriage, right where the tank is. Probably need a new tank. Doesn’t seem to be leaking anywhere else, but i will double check the fire wall. Any info on the exhaust pipe coming off the engine under the hood? Can that be extended to blow somewhere else? I’m gona look into a new exhaust system. Hopefully have it dialed before I go veggie. Although it won’t matter as much then I suppose. Thanks!


See answer to your problem in your second post, “Exhaust”