Leaky HVAC & exhaust smell

Two related problems:

  1. our 2008 dodge grant caravan’s recycled cabin air/exterior air flipper is broken. You know, makes the clicking clunking sound until it gives up? Unfortunately this has made the 2) exhaust smell that much worse. Usually when you drive above 35mph you don’t catch engine fumes, but when its anything less you fear you’re poisoning your family into early cancer. Obviously we have a leak in the HVAC system somewhere and anytime we take it somewhere for service on something else they just shrug their shoulders.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to locate the leak so I can keep the engine compartment out of our a/c? Living in Vegas its not really optional to roll down the windows all year long.

Isn’t it possible that you have an exhaust leak that needs to be fixed? When you are on outside air the pressure is pushing most of the fumes out? What you need to avoid early death is an exhaust repair.

Although, I heard of a woman in England who tried to commit suicide by putting her mouth on a tailpipe and inhaling. Due to emission controls, the exhaust was so clean and CO free that it didn’t kill her. However, she was admitted to the hospital with burned lips. I have no idea whether this story is true…