Exhaust pipe patches - a good idea?



The hole in my exhaust seems to be growing louder each day, and the estimates I’ve gotten to replace the part(s) have been steep to say the least.

I’m considering using one of those exhaust patches that you just wrap around the pipe to stop the leak. Does anyone have any experience with these? Can they be removed easily later when I want to get this fixed properly?


using the wrap is fine. I used one that was a fiberglass mesh and then putty that hardens. You can use whatever exhaust repair you find. Don’t worry about removing it. When you get the exhaust fixed the whole exhaust(behind the cat) will be cut off anyway most of the time


Make and model of car?
I’ve had to replace my civic’s exhaust about 2 or 3 times since i bought it 6 years ago. Each time it’s cost me roughly $150 with parts and labor.


Go ahead and use the patches. They are just temporary solutions because the holes will soon grow larger.

When you are ready to make repairs the entire pipe will be discarded and replaced.


I’m partial to the ones where you use a piece of “donor metal” (read:beer can) and use the wrap to connect and seal it. Seemed to work okay on my truck’s muffler and gives the mechanics a chuckle anytime it gets put on a lift.


It’s a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo Sport. The hole is in the Y-pipe in the front of the exhaust (between the engine and the cat.) Apparently the Y-pipe (and necessary gaskets) are only available at the dealer. Hence the $500+ price tag for parts and labor.


I’ve had to replace my civic’s exhaust about 2 or 3 times since i bought it 6 years ago. Each time it’s cost me roughly $150 with parts and labor.

Where do you live that you can get it so cheap??? When I had to replace the exhaust on my wifes Accord the CHEAPEST was $600…Looking at doing it myself…the CHEAPEST was $250…that includes on-line…

As for a patch…the BEST thing you can do is cut out the infected section and put a new section in. Most parts stores will have the pipes to match up well. Then put on a couple clamps and you’re in business.


Local garage in Marion, Ohio known as(incidentally) The Muffler House.
I know the last time was from the cat. on back, I think time before that was just the muffler, I don’t quite remember. I think they just use regular metal each time, stainless steel is optional IIRC. I also consider it part of routine maintenance due to my driving habits(less than 7 miles one way to work, about the same distance to the store with random shorter trips and very few long highway trips), and salt on the roads.


The few things that are not worth risking your life over are exhausts and brakes in vehicles. Patches are mickey mouse repairs that will fail much sooner rather than later.


since your exhaust leak is on the manifold side of the CAT any exhaust leak is certainly coming into your cabin. doesn’t that worry you?

any patch you put on will flex off, and then you will have more mess to remove/ repair.

i can see doing a temp repair on the back part of a tail pipe, where the exhaust is already behind the passenger cabin, but an improperly repaired leak in front of you is tempting disaster.


I’ve used both the beer can patch and the patch with the impregnated fiberglass cloth that you wet. The cloth works great. BUT it’s only a temporary repair. You can be assured that the rest of th esystem is rotting also and the whole system needs replacing from the flange back. I didn’t see in your post whether the hole was precat or postcat, but that just-upstream flange is the one you’ll be startng at.

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Thanks for the comment. The prospect of CO poisoning made my mind up for me! I bit the bullet and had the Y-pipe replaced today. Am a little poorer, but can live to tell about it.