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Driving without an exhaust pipe

How big of a problem is it to drive without an exhaust pipe?

The exhaust pipe fell off my 2001 Mazda Protege. I have the pipe. In normal circumstances, I’d take it in somewhere to replace it, but I’m currently living in Liberia, where mechanics are in short supply and have limited skills. I only plan to drive the car another year. Can I make it that long without an exhaust pipe? If not, any tips for explaining the repair to an inexperienced mechanic?

Biggest problem to me is getting exhaust fumes inside the car. The pipe makes sure the fumes are carried to a point they can’t (easily) get into the car. So I’d get that replaced.

As has already been stated, driving without an exhaust pipe could lead to carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide poisoning. It can easily kill you, and you won’t feel the effects until it is too late.

Isn’t it kind of loud? Maybe it would help if you told us how much of the pipe fell off. Was it just the rear piece, or is the whole thing missing from the engine back?

The biggest concern is exhaust fumes getting into the car. Breathing them is extrememly hazardous.

Keep the windows open and you’ll be fine.

If you can get the tools and parts in Liberia, the repair is easy amd straightforward. You have the option of replacing the entire system from the cat converter flange back or splicing in a new tailpipe. The entire system is preferred, because if the tailpipe has rotted off the rest is not far behind. And replacing the system is a “cut the old bolts, bolt in the new system” process. Replacing just the tailpipe will require an expander, an adapter, a good breaker bar and impact socket, and lots of grunting and groaning.

Another worry is what the hot exhaust is blowing on without the pipe there to divert it along the proper course. Check to make sure you’re not toasting wires, hoses, rubber seals, your starter, fuel line, etc. If the exhaust is blowing on the floor pan and you take a long trip, it could even melt the carpet and/or start a fire.

When in Rome, what I mean is, this must happen to a locals car every day of the week, take the same action a local would or put out the word there is something in it for the guys that get this fixed. Surely someone wants to make a few bucks,even if they have to “borrow” the parts and just install them with wire.

The “exhaust pipe” runs between the engine and the catalytic converter…
The “tailpipe” runs from the muffler to the rear bumper…

Which pipe fell off? I suspect you are selling the local mechanics short…Replacing a tailpipe should be well within their abilities…

Depending on exactly how much of the pipe fell off and how much is still attached, you might expect burned exhaust valves.