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Exhaust Upgrades

After I make some other repairs, I’d like to convert my wagon to true dual exh. My ? is:Can I run “cherry bombs” legally & safely? And can I end the pipes at the rear wheels?

You should find some modder sites where people talk about things like that. For the most part the people who visit this board will just pick on you about it, and you’ll mostly get annoyed out of it rather than assistance.

Cherry bombs can be legal or illegal depending on their volume and your individual state laws. I doubt anyone would give you grief for ending them at the rear wheels, though.

You can find out what is legal, by asking your local authorities.

I doubt if there is a meaningful safety issue.

It is very unlikely that you will gain any measurable power or mileage gains.

[i] Personally I would prefer that drivers not inflict my ears with unwanted noise, but, assuming they are legal in your area, then it is your choice and you don't need my approval.[/i]

My only question would be, WHY? It’s a Buick wagon and nothing you can do will make it perform and/or handle any better. Short of maybe putting a full blown race engine in it, but that would really be a legal issue.

Could you recommend any sites? Thanks for the advice.


I appreciate the honesty. Thanks.

The issue about what you can or can’t do is a local concern. It depends completely on what state you live in, what kind of vehicle inspections you have, and whether your car is a normal car, or some kind of custom or speicalized car.

You have to check this out with your local DMV and state authorities. What may be fine in MN could be outlawed in CA.