Exhaust Question


I have a '94 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8l V-6. I recently installed a Flowmaster muffler w/tips to make it sound loud and beefy. It sounds ok, but not what I’m looking for. What do I need to do that’s relatively cheap but works to make it louder and beefier?


Not being very experienced with engines so small, I would say that there is nothing you can do to make that tiny engine sound beefy. If the flowmaster has any baffles at all, you won’t get anything out of it. If it has no baffles and you still don’t get any more, then you probably will never get the deep sounds that you are looking for. I had no muffler on an engine that size and the catalytic converter muffled it so well that I didn’t even know that there was no muffler. The car was a 76 Buick Skyhawk and it was quick. I forgot the car and can’t see it while typing this, but if it is a Bonneville, keep it waxed and be happy with the shine, it won’t win a lot of races.


I hate to burst your bubble, but you aren’t really going to be able to make a 3.8 V6 sound “loud and beefy”. No fancy exhaust system will change that…about the best you can hope for it to make it sound like a really LOUD V6 engine, and nobody thinks a loud V6 is beefy.


Do what the Harley Boys do and remove the muffler completely. Let the cat be the only muffler.Or take it ALL THE WAY and remove the cat(s) too! Your father was able to buy a device called a “cut-out” where you could pull a dash control and open the exhaust ahead of the muffler. Unknown to todays wimp-rodders


My son has a 3.8 in his Camaro with a Borla exhaust and it sounds pretty tough, but it’s not loud; just a low growl.

Since you want loud about all you can do is yank the Flowmaster and throw a Cherry Bomb on it. And a Bonneville no less.