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73' Chevy Nova: Cherry Bomb Glasspack vs. Flowmaster Super 44

well, i’ve been debatin with myself which exhaust would sound better on my in-line 6 Nova. I my father and i are not even close to finishing it but just for future reference, which would produce a better sound that wouldn’t be to close to stock, wouldn’t be overwhelmingly loud, and would provide a nice sound just before shifting between gears?

This may be a car forum, but I gotta tell you, I doubt you’ve got the right demographic here to answer this question. I’ll take a shot though. Glass packs have a distinctive sound that is much different then a low-restriction baffled muffler. Usually people like one and dislike the other. The best thing to do is to listen to sound clips at the various sites around the net including the manufacturers sites themselves. You’ll know pretty quickly which you prefer.

I have to ask-why bother with a 6 cylinder engine? Either way it’s not going to have a V8-like rumble. I mean Chevy 350 V8’s are a dime a dozen-toss one in and be happy. Those cars are so light that even the weakest V8 will turn it into a rocket. Good luck.

well, engines are out of my price range, but thanks for the advice.

Since it’s a 6 cylinder it will not have a V8 rumble. Instead it will sound like farming implement. I have Flowmaster 40’s and an off-road X pipe on my Mustang, and is so loud it will set off car alarms and wake the dead. A cherry bomb or Super 44 will likely be louder, but it will not sound like a muscle car.

If you can’t afford a motor forget about custom exhausts and start saving your money. You’re better off getting a used V8 engine for $500 then dumping money into an exhaust for a vintage 6 cylinder.

Glasspacks are illegal in some areas.

Another thought: some FlowMaster models are actually more restrictive than OE. Walker makes some good mufflers in the DynoMax line. I just installed one in my '99 Dakota with a the V6; it has quite a low frequency rumble, not unlike a V8.

A lot of it to me really depends on what sound you like. A glasspack will likely give you somewhat of a cackle but will not sound even close to a V8. I myself dont really like the flowmaster sound but thats just my opinion, some love it. Six-cylinders definently have their own distinct tone.

I really like the DynoMax mufflers too, great sound and don’t rust out like the Flowmasters do (in harsh, salty enviroments). Nice and quiet on the highway, too.

Think of a split exaust manifold for your 6cyl. I did this on my 66 Dodge 225 slant 6.