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Exhaust ideas

I have a 2016 Chevy Silverado with a 4.3 v6 I want a exhaust that will be loud but not to bad I wan duals because I love my duals on my old truck I want something that will help improve my engine and I want something that’ll be a good sound please let me know what y’all think and what’s y’all got

It is never going to sound like a V8.

Local muffler shop converted my V6 CAR to duals. They cut and bent the tubing and used and an X-pipe. No, as oldtimer_11 said, it doesn’t sound like a V8, but it does sound pretty good. I went with Flowmaster 40s, sounds good outside the car, but produces annoying resonance inside. Probably be less so inside your truck.

Many vendors sell dual exhausts for your V6. Some will make it loud, none will add significant power. But you will think it adds power because it is noisey.

A search on YouTube may show you various systems that you can hear before you buy.