Excessive interior noise

1985,military p/u,diesel,have installed insulation under hood,under floormat,under seat up to rear window,inside door panels. is there any way to quieten this monstrt???

Probably the BIGGEST noise issue will be the tires. What kind of tires are they??? Aggressive Tread???

Better muffler?

Well militaries tend not to worry about noise. Sometimes they intentionally design more noise. It is difficult to retrofit sound control.

Mike has a good point. Can you tell where the noise is coming from?

*drive train

Engine air movement (diesels move a lot lot more air than gasoline engines) the lack of an air cleaner could make a very large difference.

Good Luck

You need to strip out all interior parts and inject noise deadening insulation inside every empty cavity of the car body. Make sure you also get the A, B, and C pillars. That is how Lexus does it.

Military vehicles were never designed to be quite. You’re fighting a losing battle. My brothers military vehicle sure as hell ain’t quite, but a blast to drive!

Aren’t these the militarized version of a one ton Chevy Diesel pick up (CUCV)? If so, look at what Chevy did commercially to make them more sound proof. As I recall, the diesel engine was very loud, to the extent that no one would notice any tire noise.

Do I have the right vehicle in mind, here?