Bogus sound system

After we up armored this pig, the Bose sound system is way out of whack. It sounds like it’s playing in the bathroom at the Baghdad Applebees. Do you think we did something to the door speakers?

You armored your vehicle? What kind of vehicle? Why?

Bose systems (and any decent system) get their frequency response almost as much from the cavity behind the speaker as from the speaker itself. The system is engineered and tuned to the size of the door cavity and the interior compartment. If you made changes inside the doors so that the air behind the speaker has nowhere to go, you will lose bass response at the least, and the speaker will end up sounding like a ceiling speaker in a department store.

You could have reversed the positive and negative speaker connections.

Re-check your ground.
In dis-assembling the Hummer to add armor you may have changed something about the ground path.
Also re-check the path of the wires for pinched or rubbed through grounding out.

The sound box size idea sounds logical, but I wouldn’t think to that degree. ( that’s not to say it isn’t so )

Did the Bose system have a separate sub-woofer ?
Without it joining the party the door speakers alone won’t sound good.

There may be more than one amplifier too. Is every one powered up ?

Was that bose O.E. or added in ? ( I never heard of a military Hummer with a bose but I gotta say it sounds like a great upgrade out there in the desert. )

In a Hummer, you can’t hear the radio anyway, so what’s the problem??

Gotta keep the bullets going to the beat :wink:

Your post sounds like you’re a bunch of GIs tricking out your Hummer in the sandbox. If that’s accurate, you all have my sincerest thanks for your service. A sound sysem should make those routine patrols a bit less intolerable.

I have to agree with the others here, an H1 with armor will be hard to get to sound good. The acoustics just plain are terrible.

All of you, come home safe.