Sounds coming from all parts of the car!

Hello again.

This time I want to express my frustration to you guys!

Where I live (not the US) the winter season has finish it was a very severe with lots of rain.

I notice my car making noises from all places some examples:

1. if you go at a low speed 10-12 mph the rear wheels makes o little noise very hard to listen but still audible is like “wee wee wee” and is synchronized with the rotation of the tire.

2. On the front part if you push the car down it makes the same “wee wee ?on the front right wheel only

3. When you push down the car it makes a ?wee wee” noise I narrow the problem and found that the control arm bearings need lubrication.

My car is a Toyota echo 2001 with 120K on it

for a normal driver it will very hard to hear those noises but I am extremely picky in regards of noises I want to get rid of them but I am asking my self if it this noises are normal to the extreme rainy conditions over the last 5 months and is just sing of lubrication or is an advice for a fancy repair job on the car.

My next repair schedule is for November and I have 2 options

1 ignore the noise by raising the volume of the radio and wait until November

2. Reschedule the maintenance and make it ASAP taking into consideration that I have only drive 1000 miles since last one.

by the way my car has never got the fuel filter replaced since new my mechanic says it is not required as gas is not dirty and is stick to " if it is not broke , font fix it"

The service manual of t he car doesn?t mention the fuel filter but still I will like to change it on November what do you think on that?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the huge post

Have a good day

My guess for the rear and front wheel is a faulty brake part scraping (possibly from rust).

I can’t see two wheel bearings going at the same time, but hey, I’m not a tech either.

There isn’t any regular (that I know of) service interval for replacing a fuel filter.

Unless you have fuel system problems (like dirty gas) replacing the fuel filter every three years should suffice.

I’m referring to those fuel filters that are mounted in-line ahead of the fuel tank, not in it.

Plugged or partially plugged fuel filters can cause a premature fuel pump failure.

I won’t commit to advising you of a timeline as to when you get it looked at due to a possible safety issue.

Control arms have rubber bushings, not bearings. If they squeak, replacing is the only real option. There is no lubricating them. The wheels have bearings, and they should be sealed bearing packs. Again, when they go bad, squeaking and roaring, replacing is the only option.

Finally, find a shop that will replace the fuel filter. 120K miles is long enough. Gasoline is a cleaner, and will absorb contaminants from fuel depots, fuel trucks, and underground fuel tanks. That is why we have fuel filters. Even though EFI filters last a long while, I always replace mine at 60K. Cheap insurance, and if you wait until the filter gets clogged, it may cause further problems with the engine (from lean conditions) and fuel pump (which has to work harder to push through a clogged filter).