Mazda 3


I bought a 2008 Mazda3 Grand Touring. It is a very nice sporty car and is a blast to drive. Being the top of the line of the Mazda3 I am disappointed in how cheap the carpet is. Does anyone know of where I can get better carpet that will fit in this car. Also is there some easy fix to quiet the cabin down a bit…maybe carpet pads!



You might try a local VAN conversion shop.


just curious. did you change the muffler? we took one for a ride last fall, and i never even thought about the interior noise level being a problem. BUT, i was only in it for about 30 minutes.


Where does the noise come from? Is it through the windows (wind noise) or through the floor (engine and road noise)? You might use the new carpet or a pad under it to quiet road noise or engine noise. I doubt that you can buy safety glass for the side windows. Buick uses safety glass (glass/polymer/glass) sandwich to quiet outside noise. It works very well.


Thanks. I may get an estimate from them. I was kind of hoping for one of those after market companies that make upgraded accessories that are preformed and I could buy and do myself. Mazda does not seem to have the aftermarket retailers like Honda or Toyota has.


A little of the noise comes from the mirrors but I expect that, even my BMW had this issue. Where I notice the most noise that keeps reminding me that this is an economy car is the noise through the floor, what you called road noise.
I would accept a few more pounds of weight to have the quiet more sound feeling from a quieter car.
Thanks for the reply.


Undercoating is often sold as a rust preventative, but is actually better at attenuating sound. You might consider undercoating if it has not been done already. If you undercoat the car, be sure that it is completely clean; don’t overcoat road dirt or salt. See what costs least and proceed from there. Do one thing at a time and see if it works. If not, try the next thing on the list.