Excessive fuel use and hesitation in a 2001 Ford Ranger 4X Ext Cab 6 Cyl Pickup

Years ago I put in a question about the subject title. Since I had a privvate mechanic and Ford Dealer look at the problem. No Dice. Yesterday I did the equivalent of “horse whispering” on my truck and found the problem. The air cleaner cover, after some years, warps a bit and the mechanics do not securely “snap” it shut after changing the filter. I did this and the pick up runs like new. I may get a new cover (unwarped) to seal the deal. What a difference. No hesitation, no slow sluggish acceleration and no missing. Problem sloved. Wanted you all to know.

Congratulations on your success, I don’t understand the reason why, but thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your response. I believe the reason “why” is that today’s engines need to run in the totally enclosed (and sealed) air and fuel system within the overall engine system makeup. If there is a leak someplace it will throw off a reading. AND a reading that will not be picked up by the electronic plug-in analytical tool. I have one and before I made any changes, it said all systems had passed.

I’m a happier man tonight and so is my wife… who has been tired of hearing about the problem… she’s a good partner. Good luck to you.

They always say, “happy wife, happy life.”