Decreasing gas mileage



I have a Ford Ranger Ext. cab,4 dr. 4L, 6 cyl, 4 wheel drive, automatic, that recently has begun to burn more gas. On normal city driving I would get about 16 mpg. Now getting about 10-12. No check engine light on and Actron gauge results in no “codes.” NOt burning oil. Any ideas?


Time for a tune up perhaps. Check your tire pressure. Check your air filter. Does anyone else drive the truck that might have a lead foot? And just for kicks and giggles maybe run an injector cleaner through a tank or two of gas, Techron or B13 Chemtool are two good choices. Verify your mileage at multiple fill ups.


I have a Ranger 3.0 V 6 also. I think you need to change the air filter and spark plugs. I get 16-19 city and 24 hwy with the automatic transmission. There is something definitely wrong I think.


Check your fuel pressure. The ODB-II system doesn’t check the fuel pressure.


How recently? Did it start decreasing last fall? How many miles/years?


Check your oil, see if it appears to be gaining oil. It sounds like you might have a leaking injector.



It did start decreasing late last fall. The decrease has been gradual. However at this point if I drive 12-13 miles, I can see the gauge move a whole width of the needle. Never did this before. It has 2001 Ranger with 53,000 on it!! Thanks!


It had a tune up at 30,000. Tire pressure is OK. I will check the air filter as I have the oil changed at Jiffy lube. It should have had a new filter put in last visit. But then I read about how these places are ripping people off and decided not to return there. I’m the olny one who drives the truck. See my other comment saying I can see the gas gauge drop after only 12 miles of driving (unlike before). The Truck passed an MD emissons test just 3 months ago.