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1993 ranger

4.0L ford ranger consuming a lot of gas, gazillion miles on it. what could be causing the excess consumption please.

A gazillion possible causes… Faulty fuel pressure regulator and faulty (stuck open) thermostat come to mind first.

Well, since the spark plugs have been in there for 20 years and a gazillion miles maybe you should change them.

Just wondering if you can give us less details… Maybe something like

“Fuel… Fix it??”

Old age.
I find that since I’ve gotten older, I too go through a lot more fluids than I used to.

Seriously, give us something to work with here.
How many miles are on it?
is the change in mileage sudden?
Are you the original owner?
Do you know anything about the history of the vehicle?
What about the maintenance history?
Is it burning oil?
Are there other operational problems?
And lastly, exactly what ARE you getting for gas mileage?

fuel consumption has been hovering around 50 miles per 1/4 tank, the problem has become slowly progressively worse, I have tuned the thing a couple times though the plugs were the less expensive purchase than OEM plugs. recently had the head gasket replaced by shadetree mechanic “not blaming”,
200000+ miles on a second owner,

50 miles per 1/4 tank does not compute… How many gallons are burned to travel 1,000 miles?

The only way to compute mileage is to track how many gallons it takes to refill the tank evey time you stop for gas along with the number of miles you’ve driven between fills, divide the gallons into the miles traveled, and repeat the process a number of times then average the results. 50 miles per 1/4 tank tells us (and you) nothing meaningful.

Operational problems can be a bigf clue too. If it’s running rough when cold, not accellerating properly, sputtering when accelerating, burning smell coming from the right rear when driving, or any other anomolie(s), these are all clues.

There are countless reasons for fuel mileage dropping. They include but are not limited to dragging brakes, ignition problems, clogged fuel filter, even low tire pressure or new “mudder” tires. It’s impossible to guess with the limited informatiion contained.

Oh, and those plugs…were they spec’d for the car or selected by you? How did you select them?