Excess gas consumption on Ford Ranger

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT V-6 4 litre automatic/overdrive which has begun to use more gas in the past few months. About 4 mpg more on a trip (down from 21.5 to 17.5 mpg.) No change in driving habits, car past MD emmissions inspection as well as Ford Dearlership inspection of the problem. “They can’t find anything.” I tried two bottles of injector cleaner (no change). Runs well with a slight hesitation sometime. Just feels like it’s a bit more sluggish than it used to be. Any ideas?

Does the gas your buying contain ethanol? This will reduce mileage. So will cold weather. Does the engine need new spark plugs?

I’ve never been able to get 20 mpg from a 4.0L Ranger, even on the highway.

I thought all gas had some ethanol in it during certain times of the year? At least in AZ it does.

Thanks… I have beeen buying gas in many different places. They would have had to change to ethanol in all of them. I have thought of the plugs… but think I changed them at about 25,000. But I may do it again. The truck now has 58,000 miles on it. I get/got 21.5 with the tounneou cover I put on it. Prior to that was 19.5. Mixed hwy and city got me 16.5.

Im with you on that …

How about the tires? Are they correctly inflated? Tires lose pressure as air temperature goes down, and underinflated tires will reduce gas mileage.

How long since your last air filter?

Yes… tire pressure and filters are OK. Had the full service done at Ford Dlrshp. I doubt tire pressure would affect mpg by 4 … more like 1 or 2.

you’re not alone. I have the same truck, same problem. Even with new, properly inflated tires and changing the air filter when it looks slightly dirty doesn’t seem to help. i have noticed that I do get better milage with higher octaine (almost 2 mpg better at 98) , and ethanol free gas, but not significantly so. My guess is that the neon yellow paint job slows it down as well as attract people to ramming the truck with their minivans. I think it’s cursed.