Ranger mpg

I have a 04 manual 6cyl Ranger. Any ideas on how I can boost my mpg?

Make sure the air filter is changed regularly. At this point, you may need new plugs. Over-inflate the tires slightly (2 to 4 psi). When it comes time for new tires, you might consider low rolling resistance tires if they are available in your rim size. There is no secret formula for increasing mileage.

And drive smoothly, easy on the gas, easy on the brakes.

What mpgs do you get now?

Keep all of the maintenance up and only drive downhill.

Rangers was notorious for bad fuel mileage. That’s why they stopped building them. F150’s was getting better fuel mileage

One of the reasons. Ford stopped updating the Ranger, which decreased sales, and this kept up until Ford finally stopped US production. But if you look at the Tacoma and Frontier, they are quite close to full size pickups now.

My last Ranger was an XLT model with the 4.0 engine. It had a lot of “get up and go” but fuel economy was not it’s strong suite.

My son had a ranger and it didn’t get good fuel mileage. I talked to the dealer about why they stopped making the Ranger and that was his answer. The F150 was getting better mileage and I’m sure the sales was low on the rangers as well. I know I like my new F150 ecoboost with heavy payload package and tow package. It puts my F250 to shame

I had a 03 ranger I believe, and was consistently 22 in town an 29hwy.


That’s respectable fuel economy . . . nothing to complain about

Proper calibration of your right foot is the most important factor.
@jtsanders‌ : A dirty air filter has surprisingly little effect on fuel economy with a modern fuel injected engine.

Not only does a cogged air filter have little effect on fuel economy, it may improve it by reducing power available,

This government study shows that air filter restriction has very little effect on fuel economy, even on carbureted engines.

But a clogged filter can definitely have an effect on power.