Every title is taken but trying to buy a car

I would like to get a quick and fun car. Nothing too expensive or old. Also four door something versatile and FR. Any thoughts?(California area)

Recommending a car for someone you don’t know is nearly impossible. Heck, even when you know them well it is tough. It is such a personal decision. Howndo we know what you think is is quick or even fun?

My Mustang is quick and fun… to me. So would my wife’s Audi A4 to here. To me, it isn’t that quick nor fun.

Visit on of the big used car dealers near you and surf the lot. Take test drives. Go home and think about it. Narrow it down, take more test drives. Go think about is some more. Nothing worse than getting stuck in a car you find you don’t like. Good Luck

You might want to consider an Pontiac G8/ Chevy SS if you want a full sized car. The BMW 135i, 228 or M235i would be a good choice if you don’t mind the upkeep costs. There’s also the Lexus IS 300/350.

What does, “Every title is taken but trying to buy a car” mean?

What’s FR? Factory refurbished?

There must be hundreds of choices out there. It’s like asking which kind of beer is best.

Do you have a car now? Look around, man, and see what looks good to you. Rev your engine at traffic lights and drag race a few of them and see if any are quick enough for you.

Once you have it narrowed down then go rent one and see if it’s fun for a day. Owning one would be like that, only longer.

What sort of budget are we limited to in regards to suggestion? Perhaps that would help get you better feedback.

Newer Toyota Camry’s and Honda Accord’s are definitely pretty fast. With four doors. Probably less expensive than newer BMW and Mercedes, which are also pretty fast and have four doors. If you prefer the euro-look, VW’s are pretty fast and have four doors, not overly expensive. Really fast cars like Mustangs, Camaros, Porsche’s are probably out of the “not too expensive” category. For something different looking, maybe a four-door truck, like an extended cab Silverado or F150. If I were looking myself, I’d check out the Rav-4’s and their competitors. Not quite as fast, but more versatile, good for car camping trips.

Factory Refurbished ? I hauled a lot of cars that came from the factory but never saw any going the other way.

I’m just trying to figure out what “FR” means.

Any idea?

Roman4522_149366 has apparently left the building or stepped away from her/his desk momentarily.

I don’t have any budget parameters or understanding of FR.

I’m not sure what’s too expensive or too old. Quick and fun are also subjective qualities.

Here’s what we’re left looking for…

… A versatile 4-door car [probably produced in the last half century] .

That narrows it down some…

P.S. My good old Grand Prix is NOT for sale. That one is out.

In automotive parlance, “FR” usually means Front engine, Rear Wheel Drive. That’s what I’m assuming the OP meant.