Decisions, decisions

My husband is looking for a “new” used vehicle. He works for the big three, but cannot decide what he wants. He knows too much! He keeps shooting everything down. So here is what I need, an educated opinion on what he should get. The needs are some semblance of cool while still being a family friendly vehicle, reliable even if older and would like it to be good n gas mileage. Any ideas out there?

‘family friendly’ = ? 4? 6? 8 people?

So he works in the industry, knows enough to get lost in the details. I think anything he buys he will have bad case of buyer’s remorse on way or another. I would let him do his own homework and decide, otherwise it is going to be trouble.

I’m completely in agreement with galant…let him regret any decision he makes and only have himself to blame.

I have no suggestions, but I would like to point out that you said your husband works for the “big three” and “knows too much” and “keeps shooting everything down” sort of implied because he knows too much. I’ve had my suspicions about GM products for awhile now, but does he have something to share with us about the US manufacturers?

How old a “used” car are you considering? What price range? A fun car? Commuter car? Family trip car? Hauling a trailer? A 5 year old Chrysler 300.

Criteria is too vague.

C6 Corvette, Mustang Boss 302, Chevy Camaro ZL-1, Cadillac CTS-V, Dodge Viper (it’s back!). Demanding people need the best.

Family friendly brings to mind a late model, black Mercury Marauder. Reliable, roomy, rare, good fuel mileage, 4 doors, and pretty cool in my opinion. :slight_smile:

If he works for the Big Three and knows too much about cars already, I doubt he will pay any attention to recommendations from strangers on the Web :wink:

So buy a Japanese or German car. I don’t see the dilemma.

I second the Mercury Marauder. You can’t get much better compromise amongst all the criteria listed than that. It’s an awesome car and I would love to have one. One of the coolest, most sinister looking sedans ever made.

Oh, I missed the part about family friendly - CTS-V, only.

If he works for one of the “big three” in a capacity wherein he knows all the detalls (I assume he’s engineering or production), and HE can’t decide whst’s right for him, than I’d be pompous beyond comprehension to think I could suggest what would be right for him!

Mt educated opinion is that he knows enough to make his own decisiion…and should do so.

Or, I hear the Ferarri FF is a nice family crossover…