Looking for a new (to me) car

Hi, I’m Dillon. I’m 20. And im looking to get a new to me, car that’s faster, good on insurance, and worth my time. I willsell my current car. 09’ chrysler sebring limited. And save up 4 grand. Im hoping to find a dealership with a good used car. Any tips or feedback would be appreciated

Any car that is faster will cost you more in insurance.

Worth your time is very specific to you. Means nothing to us so no suggestions here. You might want to find out how much your Sebring is worth and what adding $4K to the trade in value will buy. Keep in mind the Sebring will lose value as you are saving money.

Dillon , you can read all the threads here about buying a used car and they all end up at the same place. Find what meets your needs and price then pay a mechanic about 100.00 to 125.00 to check it for problems. That is no guarantee but will improve you chances.

Grow up bud, he’s not lying…

Im look for car suggestions of cars in my budget that are faster and good on insurance.

We don’t cuss on this site. I flagged your post.

If you don’t like my advice, too bad, ignore it.

No i appreciate your advice. I was just upset bc i really want a faster car but insurance is expensive

And as @Mustangman pointed out, faster will likely not equal good on insurance. You’re 20 years old and still considered (rightfully so) high risk by insurance companies…


Then don’t spew profanities


Than* and ok. Sorry for offending you

Wait until you are at least 25 years old physically.

And delete or edit your flagged post. Any vehicle you consider will have reviews on the web with performance numbers .

Okay. Then pick Your poison. If You have to ask that kind of question and then respond in that kind of manner - You don’t have the money.
Mustangman gave You a good answer, so quit that kind of behaviour if You want good advice from this forum.

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Apology accepted from my side. Lets move on.
What ARE Your final buying budget?
That will make it a lot easier for all of us to give recommendations of a possible solution.

Still not acceptable on this site.

If you want to save on insurance, put the car in your parent’s names. If you can set up a deal with them, you buy it and pay them the insurance. We do that with our 25 yo daughter, and it has saved a lot, even though she lives in a high cost area. I know you want to be independent of them. I certainly couldn’t get free fast enough when I was your age. Think of it as sticking it to the man.

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Please calm down. I think he knows that he went into the dog house. There have been worse words written here that have gone unnoticed.

Might get one of the Asian brand cars with a manual transmission that are popular with the import tuner crowd. I don’t know exactly which cars that would be, because I’ve never really done the import tuner thing. Maybe like a Honda Civic? I don’t know. Something like that might feel and look a little sportier than a Sebring, and insurance might not be too bad.

Thanks. Any auggestions on chat forums for tuner/imports?

Being under 24, putting “Sport”, Performance" “4x4” “Turbo” on your wish list will raise your insurance rates significantly.

Even if it’s the bottom of the line model, For example, an 1980 4 cyl. 88 HP Mustang is still considered a Performance car by the insurance companies.

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No idea on that, myself. I know very little about the import tuner world. Might do some internet searches, see if there’s any “tuner” style vehicles that you’d even be interested in first.