Evaporator case drain clog - 2003 Honda Pilot

I believe the drain to the evaporator case is clogged on my wife’s 03 Honda Pilot. Does anyone have any information on where the drain is located and how difficult this may be on the Pilot? Thank you.

The drain tube should be located on the firewall, low on the passenger’s side. You will probably have to crawl under the vehicle to see/reach it.

Usually under the car right in front of where the passenger’s feet go. Just a small tube coming out. Try compressed air or some string trimmer line to clean it, don’t use wire as it can damaged the A/C

It is possible the rubber drain tube is kinked between the firewall and the evaporator case in the passenger compartment. It’s rare, I’m sure, but I found one in an Acura once. It was easy to straighten and fix though.