Where is the )#&#)*! evaporator drain on a Mazda 6


I apparently have a clogged evaporator drain in my 2003 Mazda 6i. Happy to have diagnosed this! Unhappy because I can’t find the drain anywhere! Looked inside below the glove compartment, took out the glove compartment, nothing. Looked all over the firewall from the outside, nothing. Looked in the Mazda service manual, nothing!

Someone please end my misery and tell me where the thing is, please???


The evaporator drain is usually low on the passenger side of the firewall, under the hood.

Stop looking inside the vehicle. It’s not there.

I can’t find it outside either. I guess I’ll have to crawl under the car?

Yes, a small rubber line poking out under the fire wall btwn the passenger side door and exhaust tunnel. Should see it hanging there somewhere.