A/c drain plugs up

I have a '04 Mitsubishi Endeavor that the a/c drain is plugged up on. Where is it so I don’t have to take it to the dealer to fix and charge me a arm and a leg to do it.

Others may know, but in general, it is underneath the vehicle, passenger side, at about the firewall. Probably the thickness of your little finger or less, and protruding about 3-4 inches. You may want to wait for someone with specific knowledge of your car.

You have located it as well as anyone.

Trackhoe (your name sounds familiar) when you find the hose sticking out the bottom area of the firewall, take a stiff piece of weed whacker string and push it through the hose to clear it.

I’ve looked but can’t find any hose or drain type device under the car. Is it in the frame?

Some vehicles have this drain hose hidden behind the wheel well liner. I don’t know if yours is one.

Parts department people in dealerships/auto parts outlets can look up the location of your drain and tell you how to get to it. Just mention it seems to be plugged or damaged and may need to replace it.