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Escape ticks and hesitates before starting

2016 Ford Escape Titanium wouldn’t start and got roadside assistance. Jumped. Now ticking and hesitating before it starts. Only 33K miles. what could be wrong? Afraid it will strand me again on a dark parking lot.

If you still have any warranty, then I would suggest you take it to the dealership as it may be a warranty repair. If it’s out of warranty a good, well-recommended independent mechanic can test your entire starting system. In some areas of the country, 3 years out of a battery can be common.

Sounds like a bad battery connection or a bad battery.

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You don’t have to know exactly what is wrong.
All you need to know is that your Basic (Bumper-to-Bumper) Warranty (3 years/36k miles) should still be in effect, and your Powertrain Warranty will be in effect for a few more years/miles.
Rather than trying to diagnose it and repair it yourself, take the vehicle to a Ford dealership, and get the FREE repairs to which you are entitled.

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Good advice above, particularly about using the warranty. If by ‘won’t start’ you mean it doesn’t crank , that rrr rrr rrr sound with the key in start, that’s usually caused by a bad connection somewhere between the battery and the starter, or a bad battery. Less likely, a bad starter motor. Your dealership can do a proper diagnosis and determine what parts are causing the problem, hopefully under warranty. If you don’t want to do a proper diagnosis for some reason, and just want it to work reliably, replacing the battery and the starter will usually do the trick.

Why would someone do that with a vehicle that is still under warranty ?

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