2016 Ford Escape - Starting issues

2016 Ford Escape starts sometimes. Says system shutting down to save battery. Battery has been replaced, new starter put in and still at dealer since 7-2-2021. They say it starts for them and so diagnostics finds nothing. When I bring home it starts sometimes. Ideas of what it could be?

Is it a crank, no start or no crank situation? Do you have any after market electronics installed?

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aftermarket alarm systems cause all kinds of problems. if you have one.

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If it starts at the dealership every time, and you delivered to them on 7-2, why do they still have it? If you mean you’ve now brought it home and it is still acting up, “doesn’t start” is an ambiguous symptom. Please clarify.

What happens when you turn the key to start? Do you hear an rrrr rrrrr rrrr sound, indicating the starter motor is cranking the engine, but it doesn’t catch and run? Do you hear a “click”, but no rrr rrr rrrr sound. Or do you hear nothing?

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Are you driving the car the car enough to keep the battery charged? If not, you might need a battery tender if you have a garage with electricity . If you don’t have a place to plug in, a jump pack you can recharge at home would work.