Car made a ticking noise and now it doesn’t start

I walked out to my car before work and noticed a ticking sound. It was weird because I had not even tried to start my car yet. I get out and pop my hood to try and listen for it but I don’t hear anything in my engine. It was only when I was in my car that I could hear the ticking. I try to start my car and absolutely nothing. I have had a lot of car problems recently and have had a whole new engine. I’m stressed and I need help.

Getting help requires that you provide good information.

How old is your battery?
Where was the ticking noise emanating from?
What are the make, model, model year, and odometer mileage of your vehicle?

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Something caused your battery to discharge. Or it could just be a worn out battery. The ticking you heard was relays turning on and off because of a low battery. Charge the battery and have it tested. If it tests good after charging, check all battery cables for good connection and clean. Then have the charging system checked. If the problem isn’t resolved after all this it needs a parasitic draw test.


Thank you so much I will