2019 Ford Escape died after only a few weeks

My brand new 2019 Escape died, and after 20 min, in traffic, I tried starting again, and it started. This was 2 weeks I’ve driven car.
Then, after Ford had car for 4 days, I drove for (2) days. One mile from house, made one stop at $ store, was fine. Drove to kings in shoppette, came out if kings, the car was dead
Had to tow, they started w charger. Next morning at Dealers, it started again.
They’ve had now for several days, still no answer.

Bummer, Low mileage related as in not driving enough to keep it charged?

Has low mileage because it is a new car.

@Wallie, I think @Barkydog was wondering if you’re doing mostly short distance/time drives without a nice long drive to give the alternator a chance to top the battery off.

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Has the OP contacted Ford’s corporate customer service people via phone?
In view of the dealership’s apparent inability to resolve this driveability problem, you should definitely “kick it up” to the corporate level.

Contact info can be found in the Owner’s Manual, and I would suggest following-up the phone call with a certified letter to Ford.


I happened to see this was originally posted in an old thread about start/stop function.
As others have noted, you may not be driving enough to recharge the battery.
In addition, I would suggest you turn off the start/stop function when you drive your car.

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Possibly a battery issue. The car is new but the 2020s are out. This means the battery has been sitting and sulphating a lot since it was manufactured.

The production date of the battery may be stamped, engraved, or on a small sticker on the battery somewhere. Letters signify months, numbers the year. For example B14 would be February of 2014.

If your car was manufactured in say the summer of 2018 the battery could have been made in say February of 2018. From then to now is well over 2 years of sitting and sitting is the worst thing that can happen to a battery.

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All the many cars that I’ve owned had no issue charging the battery on a many a stretch of use with only short drives. I doubt that is the reason on his Escape.

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Ford got my car fixed, they drove it 1 mile, got back to shop, shut ofd, tried to start again, would not start.
They put on computer, found problem.
Loose cable to engine, car only stalled when wire moved.
Anyway, driving good! So far.


Thank you for letting us know the result.

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Your welcome.