Intermittent hesitation

2005 Escape Limited, 92K-miles, always serviced every 5K, never a problem. Just this weekend, while driving at speed on a highway, I feel a severe hesitation that lasts a couple seconds - the only dash light that came on was a red “Security” lamp - then back to normal.

Today, two days later, same thing happens, this time while backing out of a parking space. Then, 10 minutes later, while cruising at speed on another highway, it happens again. And in addition to the “Security” lamp in the upper right corner of the instrument panel, a red, engine shaped light appears on the lower left. Also, the words “check charging system” appear…or something to that effect.

I immediately stopped by a Ford dealership. A rep came out to the Escape, lifted the hood, checked the battery cables, sat behind the wheel and ran the quick onboard health check. Nothing beyond a cursory description of the computer’s various modules resulted.

I’ve read many things on these chat pages concerning engine codes; how Ford seems to be notorious for not following procedure all of the way through and not taking the time to check these codes. I feel a little strung out here, and really do not know which way to go or what to believe. Can anyone help?

Is the car sill under warranty? Did you get a written report from the dealership that did the checking? If it is still under warranty make sure you keep after them and keep documentation of each visit. Once you have reported it and if you keep after them your state’s lemon law will protect you.

If it is not under warranty, I suggest you go looking for a good local independent mechanic. Not a chain and independent, Ask your neighbors, friends and co-workers for recommendations and I believe there is a list of possibilities somewhere on this web site.

If you are out of warranty on your vehicle I would take it to an independent and have them check your charging system. You can also run to your local car parts store that do free charging test and have them test your battery and alternator for problems.