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Civic 2004 Odometer Problem

My 2004 Civic failed inspection because the Engine light wasn’t coming on, even though there was a code being emitted for an oxygen sensor. Mechanic fixed the sensor and replaced the instrument cluster. On driving away, I discovered the odometer had been reset to zero. I would like to restore the correct odometer reading, but mechanic said there was nothing to be done. Is this true?

They are made pretty tamper proof now. You need to record the mileage that was on the old odometer for when you sell or trade it. You are required to state whether the actual mileage is correct or not and if not, what it is to the best of your knowledge. It would help if your mechanic recorder this mileage on your receipt and you keep that receipt. Could save headaches later.

But why did he replace the instrument cluster? The light bulbs for all the lights are replaceable.

But why did he replace the instrument cluster?

he said it was an LED and couldn’t be replaced individually. Shoulda gotten a second opinion.

The '04 Civic does have a pretty fancy instrument cluster, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the whole cluster has to be replaced because one light stopped working. The alternative would be for an electrician to rebuild the thing.