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Eratic power window operation

I have a '98 Chevy Astro van. The driver’s window rolls down when button is activated but comes up an inch or so at a time. Sometimes you have to wait several minutes between each inch of movement. If you pull on the glass while activating button, it will usually move more than an inch. Anybody dealt with this problem?

The regulator for the window may be jamming up and needs to be replaced. A pretty common problem.

Cleaning the window track and lubricating it with some silicone spray might help.

I have probably repaired 100 Astro electric window concerns (Light line was my speciality at GM) with the Astro the problem is with the motor,regulators no,the motors are very easy to replace.

Older Caprices,F-body Camaros,S-Blazers,Corvetts with the cable transport mechanisms and P/U’'s (both cable and “traditional” style) have regulator problems,but in my experience with the Astro it’s the motor.

Thank you for this info.

If you listen closely you should be able to hear the motor running. Does it run all the time when the window goes up, or does it shut down then restart when it starts to rise again?