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Mirror and Steering Wheel Malfunction

The passenger side mirror and Steering Wheel malfunction when the car is unlocked from a locked status, either pushing the key or the door handle. Specifically, the passenger side mirror moves down and inward into the mechanical stops and the steering wheel moves up and down finally coming to a rest in the up position. None of this occurs when the car is entered and the car is in an unlocked status

Could you tell us the Year/Make/Model??

Sounds like a faulty switch or grounding problem.

2006 Infinity M35x. Does the key send a signal to the mirror and steering wheel only when the door is unlocked. The steering wheel is supposed to set itself to my settings upon entry, which it does correctly when the door is unlocked. Also, could it just be a weak battery in the key, i.e. the signal transmission to the sterring wheel is getting corrupted?

Did you read the owners manual??

Not sure how this system works…but I’m pretty sure most of those questions can be answered in your owners manual. Even a trouble shooting section.

I doubt it’s the battery in the key. If it was NOTHING would work.

Yes, I did look at the owners manual but I did not see anything that looked like this problem. Oh, I just remembered 1 more thing that occurs strangely. The mirror also goes to the mechanical stops when it is active and the car is placed in reverse. It should just point down toward the rear wheel. The dealer claims I need a new mirror but that does not make logical sense. I believe you were right the first time with the missing ground, (no frame of reference). The faulty switch would need to be connected to both the steering and the mirror? right.

Sounds like the multiple driver memory pre-sets are selecting another driver. Maybe you never programed your pre-sets and it’s defaulting to zero ?

Owner’s manual time.