Automatically Adjusting Rearview Mirrors


I have a suggestion for the lady with the automatically adjusting mirrors: If her mirror settings aren’t saved to begin with, the system can’t return them to her original settings, only to the saved settings. Maybe she hasn’t saved her personal settings for mirrors, along with seat and steering wheel adjustments, but has, instead, been over-riding a saved setting to make her personal adjustments.

Most cars in this class have at least two (2) settings that can be saved, for cars shared with drivers of different sizes and different settings.


One thing I have noticed with my wife’s car is that if I use her keyless remote, it goes to her settings. Only after I have opened the doors a couple of times does it remember mine. Then she goes through the same thing when she drives it. Our solution is to use a separate remote for each of us. Then it remembers each of us.


Yup, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Two fobs, two settings.