Engine wire copper exposed

Hi, just a quick one, I have been getting a warning flash up very quickly every once in a while that says engine malfunction and beeps 6 times but it only stays on for a second or so, I decided to have a look under the bonnet and couldn’t see anything to fret over but I did notice that my engine cover isn’t fastened properly at the top and has caused it to rub on a wire exposing the copper underneath, could this be causing the error? And what should I use to wrap this back up if I can do it myself that is… Thank you very much for any help I receive.

Electrical tape.



Before you tape it up, see how much of the copper wires have been worn through, it’s hard to tell from the pic. You might have to have it repaired.


I will try and get a clearer picture when I look again, would this be an expensive replacement?

If you wrap it well with electrical tape, that will seal it. Then make sure the cover can no longer touch it.

If the wire is worn through, I wouldn’t replace anything. I would fix it by cutting, stripping insulation, soldering, and covering with a length of heat shrink tubing. I might have to splice in some wire. Then finish it off with some of @Tester 's electrical tape.

If any of this sounds difficult, then you should find an auto electric shop, they should be able to repair it.

What does anyone think of filling in the gap with solder?

it doesnt look worn through, at the most it has only rubbed on the copper slightly by the looks of it, I have ordered some good tape to give it a seal in but the only problem im having now is I cant for the life of me find anywhere that has the engine cover clips that i need and the top clip is missing the rubber where the ball mounts in hence why the engine cover is rubbing on the wire now :frowning:

I’d leave off the cover, then. Maybe a little more noisy that way.

Or cut away some of the cover where it’s near the wire. And/or wrap the repaired wire with some added protection. You’ll figure something out!

I normally use shrink tube for that but you would need to remove the wire from the connector.

Use a dab of RTV to seal the copper wire before wrapping it with tape.

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Good ideas above. Shouldn’t be overly difficult to repair. That could very well be what’s causing the check engine light to turn on.

Dealers usually have small parts like that or could order. There is a web site here that has hundreds of various body clips and parts but the name escapes me now. Just probably easier to go to the dealer or cut the offending part as mentioned.

Solder is brittle and resistive, will rattle to point of breaking here, won’t conduct current as well. When you solder an electrical connection you make the 2 parts to connect have a good contact first, not rely on the solder to carry current.

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[quote=“Bing, post:13, topic:181157”]
There is a web site here that has hundreds of various body clips and parts but the name escapes me now.

If you ever remember the site please let us know as I seem to always be lookin for .some odd ball clip or part.

Dorman makes many of those types of products.



Yes I have found many things from Doorman but I still come across some things that Doorman don’t have.

I had to go look on the box. I ordered two different types of OEM clips for my rocker molding. I think they were like $5 a box and maybe $10 shipping. Unfortunately I haven’t had the nerve or ambition to work on the rockers yet.

The website is www.auveco.com Helps if you have a part number to narrow down what you are looking for.

Correction: My invoice says: https://www.clipsandfasteners.com/

So I must have ordered from them but the box say the other. One must be a wholesaler.

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Thank you for that link I looked through it and found a lot of interesting things that you don’t see anymore plus I found the clips I have been looking for the last few months.

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I think wrapping the exposed copper with two or three layers of Scotch Super 33+ is all that’s required. First place I would check for a source for the missing clip is the dealership.