Engine wire copper exposed

I had the same experience. Someone on a Pontiac site had mentioned them and I was amazed to find them. I was a little off on my pricing though. $8 and $9 plus shipping and cost me $25 but worth it to have the parts when you break a few.

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Little plastic gadgets seem to be a profit center. I visited a Toyota dealership 6 or 7 years ago to buy a replacement nozzle for a broken windshield washer. One of those little gadgets on the hood right under the windshield that squirt water. It cracked while I was adjusting the under-hood hoses to test the washer pump motor. I was expecting a bill of about $5-10, but reality set in when I was told $48. That’s just for one! Oh my … lol… I decided to try to glue it back together with some JB Weld. Still working.

To me shipping is usually worth it when you can find the right parts.

I agree, as long as it’s inspected every few months to see if the tape abrades away. The tape should also be inspected for adhesion periodically since engine heat could soften it too much.

I had some paintless dent repair done from hail and a few month later went to figure out what was wrong with my washers. They must have taken them out but broke the things in the process. If I remember right, two of them from the GM dealer were $37. Whatta gonna do though? At least they had them in stock.

A pair for $37 at least approaches reasonable. I’ve noticed non-oem versions of those WW-squirt gadgets are sometimes available in the mail-order aftermarket for a better price. Still, if Toyota dealership had offered up a pair for $37 I’d have gone along with that.