Saturn and woodchuck eats wiring

So my buddy calls me, His wife was headed to O’Hare, got to the end of the block, the car was running bad, engine lights on and she returns home,opens the hood and a woodchuck makes a grand escape.

That critter had defecated all over the place, but must have been really hungry as it gnawed through every wire it could reach.

My buddy wanted to get the car running so 25 butt connectors later all is good.

I suggested he seal the connectors of wire repair stuff that comes in a can with a little brush for wire insulation repairs.

As it is a 99 Saturn I am sure having someone replace the wiring harnesses could be prohibitive.

Does any type of homeowner or comprehensive cover that.

Any Ideas for a better repair

Update Check Engine Light Came on Today.

He should contact his insurer to see if it’s covered. I’m concerned that the butt connectors are not water-tight. Electrical tape may be alright for the short term, but he harnesses need to be replaced.

It turns out it was insured under comprehensive with a $250 deductable. They are going to solder and heat shrink new connections.