Loud engine rattle and unknown squeak

I know its a long shot because its very vague information but my car has suddenly decided the start rattling and there seems to be a squeak on one of the belts, the rattling is more like the normal idle engine noise in the cold but considerably louder, its a diesel and my first thought was that if i run it a little then it should subside when the car heats up but that is not the case, like i said i know its not much to go off but I dont want to panic and get it in a garage and pay through the nose if it might be something that will go away when run more.

Thanks for any help in advance

especially since we do not know what kind of vehicle it is. and a sound clip might help. with the limited info… the belt might need to be changed, the idler pulley and belt tensioner could be making the noise.


Don’t know what the sound is, you might try a mechanics stethoscope and narrow down the location.
And if you hear a rattling sound from the engine, and you don’t know what it is, the last thing you Want to do is run it for any length of time or you really could be paying out the nose.

The ONLY piece of actual information you’ve shared about your car…

THAT is the understatement of the year!


I am guessing it is a ford. from Engine wire copper exposed
A diesel f-150? 250,350

Make sure the engine oil level is correct and the oil appears in good shape. How many miles prior was the engine oil and filter changed?

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