Engine will not start

why taking out one spark plug, trying to start the engine, puting the plug back in then the engine starts works?

I don’t understand. Will the engine not turn over or does it turn over but not start? Why did you take the spark plug out?

We could give you conjectures 'till the cows came home; but, rather, tell us the details of the engine no-start. THAT we may help you with.

Details! Make model and year and most important what is your problem and how about a more clear description of what is happening?

i have a 1993 ford half ton f150xl pickup it has a v8 5.0 engine. every few months when i go out to start the pickup the eingine turns over but it will not try to start.usually the pickup starts immediately as soon as the engine turns over a couple of times. a friend told me that if you take out the number one plug, run the starter a few times it will try to start, turn off the key put the plug back in then the engine will start. i did it, the engine started. The plug i remove is the front plug on the left side of the engine, if you are standing in front of the pickup, facing the engine, the plug is on the front to the right. the pickup will start months at a time without this anomaly. then one morning it will not start. my mechanic changed the points and the plugs, and it appeared to fix it. several months went by and it started. then, a few weeks ago it would not start. a few days later, it started, i drove about 2 miles pulled up to a store, put in the clutch,its a 5 speed manual, and the engine died, it never, never has died like that before and it would not start. i removed the plug tried it, it tried to start, i put the plug back in and it started. i pulled the metal piece out of the spark plug wire trying to remove the wire so i “farmer fixed” it to get back to my house. on the drive to the house, i wondered if the wires had ever been replaced because the plugs and the points were original, i bought the pickup used. i have not finished puting all new wires on because of the snow storm, so i have only replace the plug wire i pulled apart and the coil to distributor cap wire. and i thought of car talk…