1996 F150 intermittent start



I have a 1996 F150, V-8, 5.0L. In the past month or so it has developed a starting problem. Every once and a while it will not start, it cranks fine just not firing up. Once it does fire, hours or days later it runs fine. I took it into the shop where they had it for a week and it started every time. I got lucky (sort of) yesterday, I got the truck inspected and when I went to pick it up it would not start. The mechanic said it was not getting spark so we replaced the ignition control module. Went to start a couple hours after getting home and it would not start again. I am going to take it in again, anyone have any ideas what the problem might be, had this problem also? Any help would be appreciated, THANKS!


IT has not started up since the ignition control module was replaced.


The pickup in the distributor?


Does the truck have two fuel tanks? Each tank has a pump. My 300 L6 would not start on the rear tank’s module but would run on it, so I replaced both. A rough start on the bad module would throw a code. If you have access to a hoist, it may be easier to remove the bed than to drop the tanks.