Hard to start 2001 4.6 F150

After driving from California to Wyoming and back, my truck threw a code saying some spark plugs weren’t firing correctly. I took out the spark plugs and was astonished to find dirt and small rocks in the plug holes. I removed them before taking the plugs out and then found that the spark plugs were rusty and dirty. I replaced with new plugs and it ran fine. Six months later the engine would try to turn over, but wouldn’t start. I checked the code and got the same thing. Again, there was dirt, small rocks, and rust on the spark plugs. And again I replaced the plugs. Here we are another time, the truck is trying to turn over but won’t start, and is throwing the same code. I haven’t been driving anywhere but surface streets and the plugs are getting rusty and dirty. I’m not quite sure how the water, dirt, and rocks are getting in past the ignition coils. Any help here?