Engine Types

Hello i’m in the market for an Acura Legend the 91-95 body style and i come across several ads that say has type 2 engine or type 2 engine swap what does that mean and should i be looking for a type 2 engine?

are you sure it says “type 2” and not “type R”?
Type-R a popular motor swap among the “ricer” community.
Unless you’re looking to, or for a, hotrod(though I hate to use that exact term for an import) vehicle, I’d stay clear of them as they’ve probably been beaten and abused.

Not me not a ricer @ all. lol

I found this elsewhere:

“HI,welcome to just answer. the “type 2” engine was put into the gs 4 dr and ls coupe as well as the 6spd coupe. It is a higher performance engine that has a different intake and exhaust that adds about 20 hp over the regular 3.2 engine”

I don’t think a type 2 engine (never heard of it) really matters. What you don’t want is a car that’s had its engine swapped for something non-standard. You want an un-modified car.

I didn’t know there was a performance version of the Legend.

The Type R engine is from the Integra, a vastly different car.