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Acura legend

i have a 91 acura legend 2 door…I wanna put a new engine in it, I heard I could put a Tl engine in there cause that transmission was made for that engine…is it true and which Tl engine ?

I’m not sure why you’d want to do this. The 2 door coupe had a very good engine to begin with. The TL engine that would bolt up to your transmission produced the same horsepower as the one you have now. You’d be better off getting a type-2 C32A engine, which was found in the 93 and up Legend coupes, and had 30 more horsepower. Of course, to really take advantage of that, you’d want to change to the 6 speed manual, which means a transmission swap anyway.

Frankly, there are cheaper and easier ways to gain 30hp. For what you’ll pay to swap engines, especially if you don’t do the work yourself, you could probably pick up a 3rd gen TL-S and be faster anyway. I’d do intake/headers/exhaust and then slap a 9lb turbo on there. Or if I felt like spending more, I’d build up the internals first and then run more boost.

Otherwise, I’d swap a J35a8 with the matching manual transmission into it. A 286 hp Legend would be fun - -though be aware that they’ve already got Legends making 500+ hp with the engine it came with. It can be done, but it’s not cheap.