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1993 Honda prelude

So I have completely stock H22A engine and I want to install a new performance eco before I start building the engine . Does anyone know what type of Ecu I should get ?

Which is that, exactly?

For what engine, exactly?

You’re a better man than I am for even trying to help. I just scratched my head and decided not to respond.

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He probably wants a different ECU, on the theory that it will be “better” than the stock unit. “Better” in what sense is debatable but probably faster acceleration or some such.

I get that he is looking for a different ECU but for what? His current engine? A swap? A tune-able ECU? He says he is going to “building the engine” but it isn’t clear if it is the H22A or another.

Yes yes dat is correct if I didn’t make it clear .it’s a Honda prelude with Dohc h22a vtec.

The Hondata s300 / P72 ECU package was the crowd favorite back in the day. I have no idea if that company is still around. If not, you’d have to troll Honda tuner sites to see if anyone’s parting one out.

You’ll need a laptop to program it. We didn’t have smart phones back then so there aren’t any methods to control it with an app.

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I don’t exactly understand what OP intends to do, but I do indeed like those early 90’s Preludes. Very nice looking cars. If OP can get it running well, looking showroom new, what a sweet ride. I think there’s a magazine titled “Honda tuner”, the advertisers there might be a place to ask if no help found elsewhere.