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Favorite Integra

I’m hoping to get an Acura Integra sometime in the near future. I’m at a bit of a crossroads of what generation I want. I like the body style of the old DA/DB’s (1989-1993), especially the front end. It looks more like the JDM style Integra Type-R sold from 1997-98 and 2001. However, I’m one of those people who “dare to be different” just because I like to. I do find the DC1-DC2 (1994-2001) Integras to be a very different body style (especially the headlight and front end) from the norm. and I am told you can fit a set of small drums in the hatch. But, the DC5 (2002-2006) Integra, or RSX, is really hard for me to decide on if I like it or hate it. It’s another “different” body style, but I’m not sure if I like it yet. And it’s not just looks I care about. The B18 engine from the DC2 is smaller (1.8L), but it has some tuning potential and can really fly with a VTEC cam in it. But the K20 engine in the DC5 is a 2.0L engine and has even more tuning potential and even a 6-speed gearbox in some cars. Which would you guys go for?

None Of The Above.

What’s an Integra ? I have no idea where an Integra dealer is located. I’ve maybe seen one once, but didn’t realize that’s what I was looking at.

Can’t you just buy a car that’s ready to roll ? Pick out a nice American Mustang, Corevette, or something along those lines ? Why buy Asian cars ?


I think this decision is on you. I doubt anyone on this site knows more about the Integra than you do. The wild card is what Integra’s are for sale in your area, time to start shopping and see what’s out there. When you find the right car, you’ll know.

Sorry, but I require at least 300 lb-ft of torque in my cars, and rear wheel drive. I guess the Type R in Championship white would be my favorite Integra if you’re asking, but they were overpriced IMHO. The car could’ve benefited from a low-pressure turbo to sure up low and mid range grunt.

You might find better information on a Honda/Acura specific board. You are speaking Greek to anyone who does not work for Honda or “tune” these cars for a living.

By the way, if you were born in 1977 you are getting a little old to be a ricer boy! How about a nice Buick?

Common sense answer: REALLY? The Integra is one of the first cars introduced by Acura (the first successful Japanese luxury brand in America) who is owned by Honda. It debuted back in 1986. I personally dislike American muscle cars (except classics like the '67 Mustang or DMC DeLorean) because they’re all about straight-line 1/4 miles. Plus, Japanese cars are way more reliable.

FoDaddy: Have you seen the Braille RWD Integra? Check it out, it’s a pretty cool car. It has a CR-V engine under the hood.

mleich: I’m 18. My user name comes from my drumset: 1977 Rogers Londoner 5 (with some additions).

"I personally dislike American muscle cars (except classics like the '67 Mustang or DMC DeLorean) because they’re all about straight-line 1/4 miles."
Are you saying a 1970 Honda 600 performs better than a 1970 Roadrunner? That would be two cars from the muscle car era. Or maybe a 1990 Integra out performs a 1990 Camero IROC-Z. I’m sure you would rather have a NSX over a 1964 GTO but that isn’t a fair comparison. Vehicle handling and tire performance have changed over the last few decades. BTW the DeLorean was manufctured in Ireland.


Hard to believe for some folks, I’m sure (from what I see on this site), but we have no dealer support for Asian cars here and most folks here just wouldn’t buy them anyhow.

Reliability ? REALLY ? I’m not interested in so called “way more reliable” cars. The reliability of our family American cars couldn’t be better. I am constantly amazed and I’m in awe over the way these cars perform and hold up with nothing more than basic maintenance. I’d put any car in our fleet up against anything from foreign based companies, but thanks for supporting the Asian Car Myth ! It makes for better deals on American iron.

I personally dislike American muscle cars (except classics like the '67 Mustang or DMC DeLorean) because they’re all about straight-line 1/4 miles.

A very common misconception.

If you look here

You can see that even the $22k Mustang V6 bests sport compacts like the WRX, Mazdaspeed 3, GTI, and Civic Si. This on a road course mind you. Even the $55k Shebly GT500 beats the M3, a couple AMG Benzes, and a 911 or two.

18 years old? In that case you might want to check the insurance rates for these cars, as well as the legality and environmental/emissions regulations on engine swaps. These vary greatly from state to state.

Or are you looking to build a street-legal car or a track/dragstrip racer?

OP: Don’t worry about CSA. He gives good repair advice, but when it comes to imports, he doesn’t always live up to his name :wink:

I personally like the 94-01 Tegs. If you really like that front end of the previous generation, it’s similar to the front end offered on the 94-01 Tegs in Japan:

And it is possible to get that here if you’re patient and willing to fork over some cash.

As for the RSX, frankly, it was crap. They cheaped out on the suspension, moving away from the more expensive double wishbone, and you can definitely feel that in the corners.

Unless you’re planning on using it mainly as an autocross/track car, I’d avoid the type-R. It deleted too many comfort features for a daily driver. The GS-R would be a better choice. B18-C (vtec) motor with a nice leather interior.

As to the import vs muscle car who-can-pee-further contest. Really? I’d expect this on Temple of VTEC or, but on car talk? Each car has its merits.

I’ll openly challenge any of you muscle car fans to a race against my CRX, MR2, or TL right now: Whoever gets the most laps in without refueling wins. :wink:

hahaha! I’m loving the posts!~ Shadowfax, thanks for the advice about the RSX. Honestly, I don’t care if I have VTEC or not. I’m not building a track day car, I’m looking for a daily driver. I don’t care about winning, but I do car about having a car that I can walk out to in the morning and say, “You know what, I don’t think I’ll kill myself today.” jokingly I have a bit of a crush on the Integra and just like the car, no matter what trim. And I do know about the JDM front end conversions, I’ve seen an LS converted to a full Type-R, from the interior to the front end to the engine to the stitching on the seats! So my question is answered then: RSX is to be avoided and the 94-01 Integras are the better bet. Although,

Would it be wise to get the previous generation? They’re a bit old and that’s my concern.

Meh. 01’s aren’t that old. I can still get parts for my 91 CRX. They sold a ton of Tegs so the parts market will still be there for many years to come. If you don’t care about VTEC, the Special Edition was basically a GS-R with a B18-B engine instead of the VTEC B18-C. You still get the leather and other GS-R-like goodies.

Be sure to check very well for rust, especially in the rear wheel arches behind the wheel. Once Hondas of that era start rusting, it takes some pretty significant effort to stop it.

The theft rate for Integras were huge and the insurance rate is very high. My driving record is clean, I’m 53 years old and I pay a huge amount to insure my 2005 RSX-S. Love the car though and I am confident that a RSX won’t be stolen.

shadowfax: Thanks for the tip! Speaking of rear wheels, is there any known problem with the wheels having a little bit of negative camber? My friend’s Integra does that really bad.

stantonv: An RSX-S has a lot more luxuries and horses than a non-VTEC Integra. If I just got an Integra LS or even a GS I would be satisfied, and I bet the insurance would be a lot cheaper. Plus, I plan to take extensive precautions in protecting the Integra I get (kill switch, fuel pump kill switch, alarm, and hood locks).