A engine swap idea for my 1994 mazda b2300

I have a beautiful 1994 Mazda b2300 base with minor body damage but runs like new with 73k original. I would like to know I would be about to put a 1994 mazda rx7 1.3L turbochargered rotary engine into my b2300?

it could probably be done. it would require a tremendous amount of things to be changed over. probably more economical to buy a used Rx7

Anything’s possible with enough money. But, why potentially ruin a ‘runs like new’ truck, if the project gets abandoned or hits an expensive snag?

Yes I dont get this one. Can it be done…Absolutely…How are you at fabrication? Welding? If you are good then it should be a walk in the park with a donor RX7 for all the little parts you would need… But again…why are we doing this? For fun? I’d take it on with you if you were my neighbor.

I have no room to talk tho…I am currently installing a Honda Goldwing Flat 6 GL1800cc engine under the hood of a 4wd Subaru Justy…LOL… I am using the rear diff to drive the car off the Goldwings engine output shaft.

Now thats going to be FUN…Stupid fun…but fun. These are the things bored mechanics do I guess…lol