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Engine stalls after 1hr @70 mph

2000 Chrysler Voyager, 115K mi. stalls when exiting interstate after about 1 hr of 70 MPH speeds. Engine and oil light come on. Car restarts after 3-minutes. Additionally, MPG is way off-took 1/4 tank to travel 70 odd miles. Fuel filter/pump? ignition switch? misc electrical short? bad gas?

The stalling could be a locking torque converter that isn’t unlocking when you’re slowing down. The bad mileage could be a torque converter that isn’t locking when it should. So maybe your torque converter is acting up in general.

Lot’s of possibles, here’s one. Take a look at the air filter. If it is really gunky that could be a factor. If it is clean, check the air intake leading up to the air filter. Sometimes it can get clogged with debris. Make sure there is a good supply of fresh air available for the engine.

I think you are running way too rich or way too lean. So you need to check out all of the usual suspects like O2 sensor, MAF sensor, plugs, coil, wires, filters, etc. Just a good computer diagnosis and tune up might do it.

Have you done anything to the engine or fuel system …such as replaced the spark plugs, and air filter? Anything else of a routine maintenance nature? What to do now, depends on what has been done.