Engine stall after exiting highway

I have Camry 90 (4 cylinders).

Occasionally after I drive highway at 65 m/h for more than 30 minutes and exit highway, then engine idle become rough and engine stall. I took the car to dealer and they replace vacuum part. But still it is happening. What do you think it causing this problem.

I think you have an ignition component that’s become heat sensitive. The most common is the coil, the igniter perhaps teh second most common. Both are located in the distributor assembly, and many shops would just replace the entire assembly.

But, first, you need to verify that this is, in-fact, the cause. You can do this by picking up a spark tester at the parts store and checking for lost spark when the condition happens.

There are other possibilities, so do the verification work before changing any parts.

I had a similar symptom with an '01 Toyota Sequoia that I had just purchased (2 years ago) with 89K miles. The problem resolved with a new air filter and a carbon cleanout of the air intake. A week later I pulled the spark plugs and found them to be in bad shape, although the SUV was running OK. Two years later after these “fixes” no more recurrance of the stalling.

How long since you had a new air filter? If about 25K miles you could be due. When did you get new spark plugs in the Camry? Toyota recommends new plugs every 30K miles. If they have more than 30K miles they are due to be changed.

Thank you for your reply. My '90 Camry has 95,000 mileage. And last schedule maintenance was 60,000.
I will start checking of spark plugs then coil. I may take the car to other repair shop.

Thank you again.

Thank you for you ideas. I changed air filter about a month ago. But I did not change spark plugs for long time. And I also speculate dirty fuel injection.

When I hear of a car stalling after exiting the freeway, the first thing that comes to mind is a lock-up torque converter that is not releasing after it has been engaged for an extended period. Does it feel as though the car is pulling and still in gear, similar to what a manual transmission would feel like if you came up to a stop sign and forgot to press in the clutch?

If so, a trip to a transmission specialist is in order. This is not necessarily an expensive problem.