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My van stalled in the middle of the freeway in L.A

The freeway was 7 lanes wide in my direction, with plenty of traffic. I was in the 3rd lane from the left, and my 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager stalled! I managed to move to the shoulder, even though the power steering was off, put it in neutral, and it restarted immediately. This is not a new problem, but before it has stalled only in stop-and-go traffic, not at 75 mhp! The engine “hiccups” once every few days, and the hiccup has become a stall now four times. The dealer and two independent shops haven’t figure out what’s wrong with it, since it hasn’t cooperating by hicupping during their test drive. I know I’m in danger. In fact, you might save my life by diagnosing it!

Check engine light codes?

There’s not enough info to go on but making a couple of very wild guesses I’d say a failing fuel pump or ASD relay.

If the fuel filter has never been changed on a regular basis I’d tend to lean even more towards a fuel pump issue; and the ASD relay is indirectly tied to this also.

I had a 97 Grand Caravan that did the same thing. I ended up fixing it with a new CPS (crank position sensor). It a cheap part to try if you out of ideas. It was about 35 dollars and only took me 30 minutes to change.

Thanks for your comments. When it started doing this a year ago, the mechanic replaced the fuel filter and the alternator drive belt. I’ll have my latest mechanic check the fuel pump and the CPS.
What’s an ASD relay?