1987 Plymouth Voyager V6 Random and Sudden Stalling

We have an 87 Voyager V6 with 137K on it. It usually starts fine and runs smoothly. Every once in a while it stalls while driving. No warning, no rough running - the engine just isn’t running. The check engine light does not come on. We can take a long trip, and it won’t happen, or it will happen a couple of times on a short trip. It only stalls while the car is moving, never when stopping at a light or intersection.

It usually can be restarted easily, but once it a while it is hard to restart, or is hard to start when we leave the house.

The dealer ran some tests and the car checked out fine (fuel pump pressure, for instance). They found the fuel pressure regulator hose was off, but fixing this did not help.

They suggest cleaning the IAC motor, but are worried about damaging the throttle body getting the bolts out. They suggest a fuel injection cleaning might clean the IAC some.

I am reluctant to throw money at an old car without some confidence it will help.


Clear skies, Alan

Yeah, a fuel injection cleaning will clean the IAC. Sure.

You might check around with your local wrecking yards and see if you can get another complete throttle body assembly for cheap and see if that solves your problem.

Frankly, if it doesn’t run rough and shuts off as if you’ve turned off the ignition switch, I’d be inclined to blame something electrical. The IAC would explain the hard starting, but it wouldn’t really explain the engine just shutting off without so much as a sputter. I’d look at the ignition switch, the main fuse block, the condition of the engine wiring harness, etc.