Engine squealed when trying to start and then died, wont crank over

Wouldnt let me put make and model but its an 06 sonata 200k miles. I went to start my car up this morning it made a quick squealing noise and then died immediately after. Battery is not dead and car will still not crank over at all even when hooked up to a jump start pack. prior to this there was a slight knocking sound coming from motor for the forst few seconds after starting up and the knocking comes back occasionally when driving. Also a squealing noise that went away after car warmed up. I checked the oil on a daily basis when the knocking started which was a few days ago and made sure it wasnt low. Anyone have any idea what happened?

If the car will no longer crank, I’d guess something in the serpentine belt drive system has failed a bearing and locked up solid. Likely something big, like the air conditioner condenser or power steering pump.

It is also possible the engine itself has seized due to oil sludge. No way to tell from the internet. You need to tow it in for service - a hand-on analysis is required. Brace yourself for something expensive and hope for something cheaper.

+1… on all counts.

so if the engine isn’t seized and it was just a locked up bearing/ pump. Would i be able to take the serpentine belt off and then try and start the car? just looking for troubleshooting ideas before i take it to a shop and have to pay twice the value of the car.

4cyl motor or v6? i see more v6 cars for sale with bad motors than the 4cyl version.

Yes, you could. Pull the belt off and you should be able to crank the engine over and it should start. Shut the engine off and then you should be able rotate every pulley by hand except the crankshaft pulley.

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its a 6 cylinder

I had a 60k miles Sentra brought to me one time for an engine overhaul. It made no sense as the car was purchased new, oil changed every 3k miles, and the owner made a habit of raising the hood regularly for fluid checks. The engine was frozen solid and would not budge.

The cause was a seized idler pulley for the accessory belt. Five dollar bearing and 20 minutes later; done.

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