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Squealing noise

I have a 2000 Windstar and when I start it it makes a squealing noise that doesn’t stop for several minutes and sometimes I can hear it at stoplights. Also today it didn’t start easily. Could this be a belt or something else(worse)?

The squealing noise is likely a worn drive belt or perhaps even a worn pulley bearing.

You mentioned the engine “didn’t start easily today”. In what context do you mean?

When you turned the key to START the starter engaged and turned the engine over, but slowly?

The engine turned over fine but would not fire up?

“Could this be a belt or something else(worse)?”

Yes, it could be a belt or something else.

I would guess first at the belt though. Have you simply popped the hood the listen when you start it up? That would be the first thing to do - see if you can find out about where it is coming from.

I would guess it is the belt, thus the battery is low causing it to be hard to start.Let us know if you find the answer.

I would think the battery needs replacement and the belt or a tensioner is going.

Yes the engine turned over but the squealing was loud at the same time and the car didn’t want to stay started. I had to push the gas for a few seconds to keep it started.